Our mission: to provide equipment, plants, accessories and spare parts to the specialized car dealer that you want to distinguish from generic workshops and devote it to a high level of technical assistance. Edra was born 20 years ago as a commercial house of “Condor House”, one of the first workshops (if not the first!) That was born in Italy in the 1970s with the specialization of air conditioning and civil air conditioning. Of this pioneering aspect of the Conditioner’s House, Edra has maintained and increased over the years technical expertise and experience, coupled with other important product lines (gpl, tow hooks, specific equipment, etc.) over time, innovating its management And above all, cultivating them with the same passion: what has allowed us, even for new products, to soon become a reference point for our customers. For this reason (and with a thread of healthy pride), let’s say “for 40 years, always with the same passion”!